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New CUPRA Ateca in Rhodium grey colour. Front view front grille design of the sporty SUV.


Uniqueness captured.

The new CUPRA Ateca showcases a reinforced bumper and a dark aluminium front grille frame.

Alloy Wheels

Customised rims.

Sports performance and sophisticated style. Fused into exclusive diamond cut 19" alloy wheels. Drive the way you want, with your choice of sporty trims. Why not take it to the next level? With the award-winning Brembo brakes for increased stopping power.


Refined interior.

Fitted with exclusive upholstery so your car looks just as great on the inside as the outside.

New CUPRA Ateca sporty SUV rear cabin


Room for it all.

A rear cabin that comfortably fits it all. And 485 roomy litres of space in the boot.

New CUPRA Ateca. Interior view steering wheel of the sporty SUV.

Performance DNA

Cultivated power.

A 300HP engine with 4 driving modes. A DSG automatic gearbox, four-wheel drive technology and DCC suspension. Ready for any road.

New CUPRA Ateca interior close view of 10.25-inch digital cockpit screen. Sporty SUV.


Unmatched driver experience.

A 10.25" Digital Cockpit with three customisable views, and a high definition 9.25" infotainment touch screen with wireless connectivity. Choose the information you need and take to the road in your way.

Ateca Technology


Constantly on point.

Customise the information you need into three widgets via the high-definition 9.2" touch screen. And on the 10.25" Digital Cockpit your driving data is displayed directly in your line of sight, so you can keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Ateca CUPRA Sport View

CUPRA Sport View

Racing experience.

Circuit ready specs. The Sport View setting puts the rev counter right in the centre of the Cockpit.

Ateca CUPRA Drive Profile

CUPRA Drive Profile

Harness full power.

CUPRA Drive mode modifies the whole setup, creating a more exhilarating driving experience. It also enhances the roar of the engine. Letting you revel in the CUPRA Ateca’s high-performance power.

Ateca CUPRA Sport View

Advanced steering wheel

Accessibility and control.

Shift through gears, start the engine and select your preferred driving mode via the heated steering wheel.

Ateca Side Assist & Exit Assist

Side Assist & Exit Assist

Effortless overtaking.

Is the coast clear? Side Assist & Exit Assist warns you of incoming traffic behind you. Meaning you’ll never have to worry about the blind spot. Overtaking or changing lanes doesn´t have to mean straining your neck.

Ateca Emergency Assist

Emergency Assist

Driving well-being.

Emergency Assist monitors driver inputs to help prevent accidents. When necessary, it brakes twice gently to give you a warning. If that doesn´t alert you then it’ll slow down automatically. Bringing your Ateca to a complete stop. Ensuring your safety.

Ateca High Beam Assist

High Beam Assist

No more beaming.

By intelligently selecting your headlight beam, your CUPRA Ateca’s High Beam Assist switches between full and dipped. Making sure you don’t dazzle other road users with your lights.

Ateca Emergency Assist

Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control

Constant fine-tuning.

Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control keeps you at your defined speed while adjusting to other drivers around you. It also uses information from front and rear cameras and route information, to adjust its speed prior to junctions and bends.

New CUPRA Ateca in Rhodium grey colour. Exterior front part of the sporty SUV.


A real connection.

The CUPRA CONNECT App* allows you to keep connected with your car. Remotely, via a smartphone or desktop, or by using the high definition 9.25” infotainment screen.