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We are often asked how we get such nice staff in our dealerships, and the secret is that we employ nice people. Each of our dealerships enjoys a high degree of independence, so it is important that we recruit people who think like us and who enjoy the same things that we do.

In our business we currently employ over 100 full time staff. All of our staff are at different stages of development and experience. We also have a very strong belief in investing in future talent in fact over 10% of the work force are part of an apprentice scheme through the Volkswagen Group.

One of the great things about working in our Dealerships is that you can follow a proper full-time professional career. We try to make the most of people's abilities, and our home-grown talent is invaluable in strengthening the values and culture we enjoy.

Fundamentally our customers are looking for an exceptional experience understanding this we have found that the right personality is more important than the right experience. Working in our dealerships is a multi-facetted career, and everyone has their individual strengths and weaknesses, but we imagine you’ll have a love of going the extra mile for customers and colleagues alike.

Most importantly, you’ll want to work together in a happy and effective team, and create a working environment where people enjoy coming to work. Of course, entrepreneurial business skills are useful as you’ll be negotiating with a multitude of different types of customers, and generally ensuring the business stacks up effectively – but we’re always on hand to help or advise as the need arises.

Most important of all of these, though, is that you’ll need to be a great personality who takes real pleasure in looking after people and making them happy.

We offer many benefits including, a contributory pension scheme, decent holidays, ongoing training and also up to 3 new cars per staff member that can be made available for family members that you can change every six months – and not forgetting the pleasure of working with some interesting and fun people in a dealership you can be proud of.

The recruitment process

The first interaction you will have will be a short chat on the phone with someone from our management team. If that goes ok, you’ll be invited over to the office for a meeting. These are always a very relaxed, (sharing a cup of coffee on the sofa sort of affair), where we want to get to know the real you behind the interviewee.

The next step is to get you into one of our dealerships for a taster day, one of which will hopefully be a busy session, to see how you fit in with the team, to ascertain your skill levels, and to see what you’re like in a busy environment. We’ll get feedback from those around you, and if it all goes well and you want to take things further (because after all this is as much about you appraising us, as us appraising you), you will be made an offer.

From there on, it all depends on individuals and applying for opportunities as they arise. This recruitment process may seem a tad drawn out, but we are very careful to keep our culture intact, and getting the right people in the first place is vital.

If you are interested in working with us, have a look at the vacancies page. If nothing is suitable dont worry we still want to hear from you so drop an email with your details to, or contact me by phone 07948 684958 for a quick chat.

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